Xbox PS3 Repair Service

Does your Xbox or PS3 not turn on? Perhaps you have a Yellow Light or Error Code?

Xbox Power Supply Light

The flashing lights on your Xbox power supply light will determine what kind of problem you have with your power into your Xbox 360 console. Usually there isn’t that many problems with the power supply, but if you see any of these lights, then you’ll know what to do.

The Xbox power supply light is different than the lights you see around the power button. Those lights form a ring and is generally called the Red Ring of Death (RROD).  Nobody wants to see this appear on their game console system.  But the folks at iPhone Repair Lakeland can help with video game console repair service right here in Lakeland and Polk County, FL

Green Xbox power supply light  This light means that everything is OK. It’s the default light when everything is working fine on your Xbox 360. However, if you are having problems with your power supply, you’ll also see a green light if nothing shows up on the screen. This may mean that your console may be messed up. This is really rare though, so don’t worry about it too much.

Orange or Yellow Xbox power supply light  A flashing orange or yellow light means that your console is fine but instead there is something wrong with your power supply. It means that it’s not getting enough power for some reason.

This basically means that the console doesn’t detect the AV pack. Here’s how to fix the problem:

1. Unplug the power supply from your Xbox 360 (the console on the back)

2. Also unplug the power cord from where it connects to the wall outlet

3. Unplug the power cord from the Xbox 360 power supply. The actual brick power supply.

4. Wait 5 minutes  or while it is unplugged press the power button around 10 times.  You are discharging power in the Xbox by doing this.

5. Reconnect everything one-by-one and double-check that it’s a snug fit

6. Also try plugging it into another wall outlet

7. Plug it directly to the wall outlet without and extension cords or power strips.

This should fix the problem. If it still gets the orange or yellow flashing light, try it again. If you get the same result than something is wrong with your Xbox power supply. Contact Xbox 360 customer support to get a new power supply. Good thing it’s not the actual console itself.

Red Xbox power supply light  If you get a red light on your Xbox 360 power supply that means there is something wrong with the power supply. Either it’s the connection or the actual power supply. Use the same 7 steps presented above to remedy the problem. It is usually the case that a connection is loose, somewhere between the wall outlet and the power supply to the console.

After doing the 7 steps above, if it still doesn’t work, than you may need to get a new power supply.

No Xbox power supply light  If there is not light indicated or nothing flashing, then the connection is not made. Make sure that it’s connected to the wall outlet and also the power cord to the actual power supply. Then you can plug it into the Xbox 360 console.

Also if you see a flashing orange light on your Xbox 360 console, it may mean your Xbox 360 is starting to over heat.