Koru: Apple smartwatch next Christmas and other wearable trends for 2014


There are far more smartwatches to put under a Christmas tree this year than last although none of them are from Apple(s aapl). That’s expected to change next holiday season according to Koru, a Finnish wearable software company headed by design expert Christian Lindholm. Koru shared the forecast along with dozens of others in a slideshow on Friday and while the thought of Apple entering the smartwatch market is enticing, that’s far from the only interesting wearables trend that Koru is tracking for 2014.

Lindholm suggests that sports and GPS watches, which already have a following, will expand in importance thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Low power wireless technology turns these devices into a “sports hub — a user’s primary focus point for performance and training analysis.” That’s a shift from the current train of thought where the smartphone that connects to a sports watch is the primary interface for…

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