repair your iPhone home button here in Lakeland

iPhone Home Button Repair

Is your Home Button on your iPhone no longer responding?  Get your iPhone repaired quickly here at iPhone Repair Lakeland“.  Our home button repair only takes 30 minutes on your iPhone and comes with a 90 day warranty.  Each home button is thoroughly tested out after our repair.  Sometimes your home button can stop responding because of slight water damage.  The home button electronic cabling is attached to your dock charger.  If your dock charger gets wet then it can cause corrosion to build up inside your phone.  Call iPhone Repair Lakeland today at 863-279-7127

Some common symptoms:

  • Laggy Home Button
  • Non Responsive Button
  • Semi Responsive Button
  • Completely Stuck and Not Pressing Down

If your home button is not responding and you are also having issues such as microphone problems, sound or volume issues, or crackling loud speaker noise then it’s quite likely that liquid damage may have occurred.  It’s quite simple for us to repair here in Lakeland!  No appointment is necessary and only takes 45 minutes to repair.  We make it quick, easy and simple to repair your phone here at iPhone Repair Lakeland!

Why we don’t necessarily repair the iPhone 6 Home Button

The iPhone 6 series was redesigned by Apple in a pretty significant way.  For security reasons it basically married the Touch ID (Fingerprint Scanner) to your main logic board inside your iPhone.  What does this mean?  In simple terms, you can’t replace it!  The reason for this is because it would create a security hole

iphone 6 home button lakeland

iPhone 6 Series Touch ID Sensor

in the iOS software which could potentially allow someone to by pass your iCould lock, Fingerprint Scanner, or break into your iPhone.

So is it possible to replace the home button? Technically yes in some cases.  You can always replace the home button if you need to only use it as a button service.  Unfortunately, you can’t ever update your iPhone to the latest software or use the Fingerprint Scanner that’s embedded into your iPhone logic board.

Have questions?  Call us here at 863-279-7127 or stop by our repair shop here in Lakeland, FL at 1043 East County 540A, Lakeland, FL 33813