Macbook LCD Glass Panel Repair Service

macbook repair lakeland

Dropping your Macbook Pro, iMac, or Windows Computer Laptop display screen can severely impact your laptops performance and/or cause your display panel to go black and having bleeding issues in your display screen.  Accidents happen, we’ve all seen them and dealing with the frustration isn’t easy.  Here at iPhone Repair Lakeland we make the repair process frustration free.  We are typically able to repair any laptop display issue from laptops with HD Led panels, LCD dim light issues, iMac broken glass screens, Windows Touch Screen panels, and even Google Chromebook display panel.  Call us today at 863-279-7127 for a quote or just stop by our repair shop and bring  your laptop to us for assistance.  We’re more than happy to help and stay passionate about what we do!

But that’s not all we do on laptops… Are you suffering from Malware, Trojans, or annoying Pop-Ups on your Apple Macbook or Windows Laptop?  Often times alternate programs get installed and open up security flaws into your laptop.  These are often called PUPS (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and can be notorious for allowing Spyware and Adware from infecting your PC.  Our repair technicians are typically able to remove your unwanted programs and spyware in the same day depending on the severity of the infection.  After your laptop has been thoroughly cleaned up we sit down with our customers and offer a free internet security session to spread awareness on how malware and spyware infections spread.

Malware and other malicious software comes in different forms such as ransom ware, bot-nets, key loggers, viruses, worm, trojan horse, spyware, adware, crapware, root-kits and any combination thereof. It can focus on a network, a smart phone or individual computers. It’s always a back and forth battle between malicious software authors to avoid detection and anti-malicious software authors to detect it. An anti-virus software package may not be an anti-adware or anti-spyware program. Though there are many differences you should never use multiple detection programs on the same computer as they easily conflict with each other and can lessen the effectiveness of each.

Viruses and other Trojans  can also slow down a computer system. Often times these do not present very clear symptoms. It is completely possible that your computer is running fine and that it still has multiple infections. It is imperative to catch these infections as soon as possible to prevent them from slowly consuming your system. Another problem is that your security and privacy might be compromised without you even knowing it.

Some of our other common repair services options are:

  • LCD Display Panel Repair
  • Virus and Malware Removal Service
  • Hardware Upgrade and Custom Build
  • VSearch Removal on Windows or OSX Mac Computers
  • Hard Drive Upgrades and Data Recovery
  • Network Printer Setup
  • Business Class ATM Routers, VLAN, Dynamic IP Addressing
  • Website Design and Building
  • Improve your presence on google and bing search engines